Non-standard Insurance Specialists

Compare insurance quotes online

If you are finding it difficult to insure... really need a specialist insurance and finance website. And offers a different way of finding great quotes from a network of insurance and finance specialists. There is no charge and you are under no obligation to proceed.

"Auto insurance, life insurance, business insurance - even mortgages and's all on"

You only need to complete one simple online form. then forwards your details immediately to expert regulated insurance and finance specialists who understand your situation and who know how best to provide coverage for those types of insurance risks for which many insurance websites won’t even offer a quote, whether that is for you, your family or your business.

“I needed specialist help with arranging my property insurance - so many had turned me away and I thought I would never get a quote for my home insurance”

Our insurance and finance specialists then contact you directly to discuss your individual situation and to make sure you are buying the right insurance policy for your circumstances.

"We know that for many people for the first time offers them the chance to locate non-standard insurance and finance quotes for their personal or business circumstances"

We do not offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution – no matter what your insurance requirements might be, you can access many of the best insurance intermediaries and financial advisors all from one simple website.

“Explaining your insurance needs to several insurance intermediaries, one after another, only to find that they cannot offer a quote, has previously been a real problem for many”

Different quotes for different folks insurance and financial specialists can provide quotes for you, your car, your home, your business. They can even insure your holiday and rental home. If your circumstances are unusual or unfortunate, many of our insurance intermediaries and finance specialists have expertise that you will not find readily available elsewhere

“Many who come to have previously tried other online insurance websites and have failed to get a competitive quote, or even quote at all - we specialise in finding insurance for these categories of people”

Our insurance and finance specialists can help you compare insurance quotes for your pets, caravans, boats, motorbikes and vans. They offer coverage for businesses, professional liability, commercial auto and medical supplements. If you need holiday or travel insurance but have a medical condition or previous medical history, they can help. also accommodates life insurance, pension and income protection policies. We have experts in mortgages and personal loans too, which can often help if you have an unfortunate credit rating or you need a loan for a specific reason such as a car or vacation.

“We know that many people may not realise they fall into a non-standard insurance category; if they do and they have found it difficult to find insurance elsewhere, might just offer an alternative.”

All insurance and finance specialists are registered and regulated with appropriate state insurance and financial services authorities. There are no call centers involved, so there are no long telephone queues. Our insurance and finance specialists will contact you directly by phone or email and you are under no obligation to proceed unless you are happy that the advice and insurance products offered are suitable for your circumstances and that you would like to proceed.