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Critical illness insurance coverage

Critical illness protection offers a safeguard for things like mortgages payments and loss of wages due to such an eventuality. With more and more people borrowing money, either through releasing home equity or through personal loans, critical illness cover is something that just cannot be ignored.

A study by Harvard University revealed the impact that health can have on finances. The figures revealed that 48% of all mortgage foreclosures and 50% of personal bankruptcy is due to major illness.

“In most of the countries it is established in, critical illness insurance outsells mortgage protection insurance. It is not limited to home-owners or the employed – critical illness insurance is for everyone.” understands the desire to protect your family and loved ones against the potential financial disasters that critical illness insurance can bring. We can put you in touch with finance and insurance specialists who are ready to offer you a quote for a service that meets your requirements. By filling in an online proposal form, you are beginning a process in which we pass your criteria onto dedicated professionals who can then offer you a quotation for critical illness protection.

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