Mortgage Protection Insurance

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Life insurance cover for your mortgage

Mortgage protection insurance protects you against the financial implications of being unable to pay your mortgage in the event that you or another major wage-earner dies. Effectively it is a mortgage-based life insurance policy; a policy that gives you special benefits because you have a mortgage. Taking on a mortgage is one of the single biggest financial commitments that you are ever likely to make. If that prospect isn’t daunting enough, imagine what would happen if the main wage earner in your household suddenly wasn’t around anymore. The payments would be difficult, if not impossible, to meet.

“There are many types of mortgage protection policy on the market, but most offer to pay out the full amount of your mortgage, regardless of how much you owe on the property at that time. First time policyholders need to ensure that they make themselves aware of the differences between policies and insurance companies. It can be a complex process but are here to make things easier.” can help you cut through the swathes of mortgage protection policies on the market by passing your details directly to professional mortgage protection insurance specialists. All you have to do is fill in an online proposal form and then leave the rest to us. Shortly after sending your request, you will be contacted by companies who will be able to help you select the right mortgage protection policy.

“I wanted to protect my family’s future in the event of my death, but wasn’t sure which policy offered the best cover. put me in touch with finance and insurance specialists who were able to offer me the best policy at the lowest price.”

“ put me in touch with a number of finance and insurance specialists. Within a short time, I was able to make a decision and sign up for a very affordable mortgage protection insurance policy.”