Contractors and Tradesmen Insurance

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Business insurance for contractors and tradesmen

Most contractors and tradesmen know they should always expect the unexpected, which is why taking out contractor’s insurance or tradesmen insurance is such a good idea. There are many types of policy available, each designed to suit particular trades, from construction workers insurance and building construction insurance to insurance that offers coverage to all the associated risks of being an electrician.

In terms of contractors insurance, there is no such thing as a general contractor. Each trade is assessed on its own merits and the premiums vary accordingly. The higher the risks involved, the higher the business insurance premiums are likely to be.

“If you own a business that employs tradesmen you are legally required to insure against the health and safety of your employees and your clients. Taking out an insurance policy offers you protection against unforeseen circumstances.”

Because of the varying nature of policies and their premiums, getting a quote for self employed tradesmen insurance that suits you is as important as finding a policy that covers all the requirements of your trade. can put you in touch with reputable and dependable finance and insurance specialists who can do most of the work for you, including getting a quotation for your tradesmen insurance or your contractors insurance policy.

“I needed to ensure that I was as protected as much as my workforce. Being put in touch with a finance and insurance specialist who knew all about contractor and tradesman insurance made sure that we all had peace of mind.”

“ put me in touch with a specialist who found me the right policy at the right price.”