Classic Motorcycle Insurance

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Insurance for classic motorcycles

For many riders and owners, a classic motorcycle is more than just a means of transport; it’s a passion, a thrill and a lifestyle. Often, owners of classic bikes get together at vintage motorcycle rallies and festivals to proudly show off their most prized possessions and check out what others have got.

Finding the right classic motorcycle insurance is absolutely paramount – after all, you want to see your vintage bike covered for almost any eventuality. Classic motorbike insurance adheres to a set of rules all of its own. Unlike regular motorcycle insurance, the best motorcycle collectors insurance works off an ‘agreed value’ policy. This way, if you have to make a claim, there can be no doubts to the actual value of the motorcycle.

“Because antique motorcycles do represent a higher risk, the premiums for antique motorcycle insurance are often quite high. The trick is not necessarily to go for the lowest quote, but to find the policy that offers the most benefits at an affordable price.”

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