Self-Employed Health Insurance

Health insurance for the self employed

Health insurance for the self employed worker

In most states, a company must have at least two full-time, paid employees to qualify for a small business or group health insurance plan. If you are a sole-proprietor or are a self-employed worker with no other employees, you probably won’t qualify for these types of plans. If you are looking for self employed health insurance, you may have to find an insurer that specializes in self employed insurance to be able to arrange a policy that gives you adequate coverage.

When you request health insurance quotes, you will be advised whether or not your state allows for single-employee businesses to obtain a group health insurance policy.

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If you do not qualify for a group health insurance plan, you may wish to consider an individual and family health insurance plan. These plans are designed to provide quality health insurance coverage for those with no employer-sponsored health plan. This could be one of the easiest ways to make sure that you are covered for accidents both at your place of work and in the home. You may also need to consider both public and private liability insurance or even talking to an insurance company that can tailor-make a comprehensive insurance package that covers all aspects of your business.

State licenses for insurance vary, so make sure that they pass your details onto financial and insurance specialists that are local to your area.

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