Commercial Property Mortgages

Mortgages for commercial premises

Arranging a mortgage for commercial property and business premises

As a business looking to buy a new property or remortgage an existing one, once you are sure that your business can handle the financial commitments associated with business mortgages, it’s time to start looking at commercial property mortgages.

“Hunting for a commercial mortgage can be a difficult task. You need to be sure of the lender’s reputation and be aware that there are differences between standard policies, depending on which company you use. At, we understand that you want the best loan at the most competitive premiums. We can help you achieve that.”

Depending on whether you are buying or building a property to lease, you may need a commercial property mortgage or a construction mortgage. You will need to have a building or project in mind before you approach commercial property lenders, so that they can they can help you. You may also need to have tenants lined up to show lenders that you represent a worthwhile risk. All you need to do is then find a commercial property finance company and begin the mortgage application process.

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"As a first-time purchaser of business property, I wanted help and guidance from an expert, as well as great mortgages rates. Using brought me a bunch of quotes to choose from. I got a commercial mortgage that suited my circumstances perfectly."

" helped me achieve a great business mortgage at very competitive rates, saving me time and money and allowing me to get on with running my business rather than trying to tackle the minefield of commercial property mortgages."