All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Insurance

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Insuring a quad or all-terrain vehicle

All terrain vehicles, ATVs or quads as they are sometimes known are becoming increasingly popular, in spite of the much-trumpeted risks that are associated with these recreational vehicles. They come in a variety of models, including the traditional 4 wheeler and the ATC. The ATC is a 3 wheeler, more like a motorcycle than a quad. Whichever ATV model spikes your interest, it is the ATV insurance quotes that often makes people wince.

The risks attached to riding an ATV are high and that is reflected in the premiums for All Terrain Vehicle Insurance. In fact, different insurance companies have different rules for ATV insurance, depending on the type of vehicle. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make the task of finding insurance any easier; it can often mean dredging the Internet and spending endless hours on the telephone trying to source a good quad insurance quote from a reputable insurance agent or company.

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