Employer Group Benefits

employer benefits insurance plan

Ensuring your employees' health is insured and protected

To make health care more affordable and accessible for small businesses and their employees, QuoteRack.com are working hard to put those looking for group benefit plans, employee dental, group life plan and employer medical plan in touch with finance and insurance specialists that offer affordable group plans. Nearly 60% of Americans employed by small businesses don’t have health insurance.

The Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973 required employers with 25 or more employees to offer federally certified HMO options. But for businesses with fewer than 25 employees, an employer medical plan or an option that covers medical, dental, life and disability of the workforce is the best way to show your employees that you’re looking after their interests and their health.

“It is essential that any responsible employer has insurance measures in place to protect themselves and their workforce. Making sure that a benefits plan suits their business needs should be a priority for any entrepreneur or employer to protect their workforce and themselves against any eventuality.”

Long term plans such as disability need to be factored into any quotation and QuoteRack.com only work with trusted insurance and finance specialists who know the industry inside out. Their advisors will pass your details on to insurance and finance specialists in your area that will have a clear understanding of what you need and provide you with a competitive quote for your employer group plan. They can then advise you on group benefits and plans that cover every eventuality, including employee benefit plans designed to fit your business and your budget.

QuoteRack.com offers a wide range of insurance categories, such as taxi cab insurance and young person life insurance.

“Through QuoteRack.com, I was able to work with an insurance agent who knew exactly how my business worked and what specific requirements my group plan should include.”

“QuoteRack.com’s help was invaluable in finding the right employer medical plan for my business.”