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A self certification mortgage is generally used by someone who receives an irregular mortgage or has a hard time proving exactly how much their income is. People such as the self-employed, those in the entertainment industry and arts-based professions often choose to take out a self employed mortgage. Self employed home loans are more difficult to achieve than conventional ones: accountants may want to reduce the amount of profit the applicant is seen to have made, in order to reduce tax, but the applicant may want to show greater profits in order to achieve a larger profits.

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Because the self certification mortgage system has been subject to abuse in the past, mortgage lenders tend to view them as having a larger probability of risk involved and the interest rates charged and consequent monthly repayments can reflect this. In order to find a good self employed mortgage, you will need to do a lot of research into lenders and make a lot of phone calls to find out who has the home purchase product you need.

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