Key Person Life Insurance

Key company employee life insurance

Life insurance for company executives and business owners

Key person life insurance safeguards a company’s financial solvency against the loss or death of a key executive at the company’s core, such as a business owner or executive. There are many types of key person life insurance available, but they all tend to be based on similar factors: the person’s health history and how much coverage is required. Coverage is generally determined by the company assessing what they will lose by the executive’s absence, such as sales generated and the associated costs of replacing them, such as executive salary.

Insuring against someone’s life might seem a little morbid, but the loss of a key company employee, whether they are the owner, a major stockholder or someone with a high level of expertise could lead to financial downfall of the company.

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Should the executive outlive his key person life insurance within the company, many businesses opt to transfer the policy to the individual as a retirement benefit. It can also be transferred to another person in the event of the key person’s retirement.

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