Pre-existing Condition Travel Insurance

travel insurance quote for an existing health problem

Travelling with an existing medical condition

Anyone with pre-existing medical condition will be aware just how problematic it can be to obtain travel insurance, although it is by no means impossible. Because of the risks associated with travel and a serious medical condition, there are companies who flatly refuse to offer this kind of insurance, but there are those that will allow you to purchase extra coverage for medical conditions that are declared. In addition, there are also companies who will offer poor health travel insurance without charging any extra premium, although you may not be covered for the existing medical condition itself.

“When purchasing any form of existing medical condition travel insurance, the likelihood is that you will be asked a series of questions as part of a medical screening. These questions may include queries about you medical history, such as whether you have suffered from diabetes, angina, a stroke, high blood pressure, hypertension, cancer or cardiac problems. In order for your insurance to be valid, you must answer these questions as honestly as possible. If it is discovered that you have given false information, any claim you make may be disqualified.”

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