Pre-Existing Condition Life Insurance

pre-existing condition life insurance quote

Life insurance if you have existing medical or health problems

‘Pre-ex condition’ refers to any pre-existing medical condition you have when you enrol in any life insurance policy. Many pre-ex condition life insurance policies are issued by employers and that can have ramifications if a claim is made. Federal law says that an insurer has the right to look back at your medical history to determine whether you had a pre-ex medical condition at any time up to six months before you enrolled in the scheme. If you have a prior medical condition, this may have some bearing on your ability to claim.

If you have an individual pre-ex condition life insurance policy, federal law does not apply, giving the insurer the right to look back even further into your medical history. If there is evidence of a pre-existing medical condition in this period, insurers can refuse all claims that pertain to the condition within a specified time. This is known as ‘pre-existing medical exclusion’.

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