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In 2005 there were 241,000,000 cars registered in the US according to the 2007 Statistical Abstract of the United States. That’s potentially a lot of auto repair bills, new tires and auto body repairs. By ensuring that you have adequate auto repair insurance, your vehicle could be much cheaper to repair in the event of an accident or just a general malfunction.

It's not uncommon for computer, engine, transmission, drive train and other repairs to cost well over $3,000. Hopefully you’ll have years of safe and trouble free motoring, but at some point your car may need a little attention. Auto parts are not cheap, so good auto repair insurance will go some way to keeping the repair bills to a minimum.

“You never know when something could go wrong with your car, so making sure that you have full coverage for auto repairs - including body shop insurance for any minor scrapes or dents to be smoothed out - could be one of the best investments you buy into.” know how daunting finding the right quote for auto repair insurance can be. The mileage that your car has covered could play an important part in your final insurance quotation, so you need to be able to deal with a local company that offers a full range of policies to suit any vehicle. When passes your details to financial and insurance specialists, we make sure that the people you’re dealing with really know their marketplace and can give you a quotation that will give you the coverage you need at a price you can afford. offers a wide range of insurance categories, such as limo insurance and key person life insurance coverage.

“Getting the right auto repair insurance quote has meant that I have peace of mind just in case my ancient station wagon finally decides to give up when I need it most!”

“The quote I found through was exactly right for me and the body shop insurance I included in my policy meant a minor scrape didn’t cost me the earth.”