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Single-Trip Travel Insurance for Business and Vacations

Single trip travel insurance is aimed at people who only travel every now again, perhaps the annual summer vacation and who find they need appropriate travel insurance coverage. Regardless of the reason for the travel, travel insurance of this form offers protection against a number of eventualities and is cheaper than buying multi-trip insurance that you don’t intend to use. The occasion may be a honeymoon, a business-trip or a long saved-for vacation; single trip overseas travel insurance can offer a financial safety net for that trip, offering you peace-of-mind.

“If you only intend to take a one-off trip, then this can be seen as a form of cheap travel insurance, offering all the benefits of annual or multi-trip insurance, but at a much lower price.”

Single trip travel insurance can offer a financial safeguard against situations such as illness, accident, injury, theft or loss of personal belongings, terrorist attack and flight cancellation. Some companies will even allow the policyholder to choose which risks they would like to be insured against. However, the best advice is to compare policies and get quotes to see which offer the best travel insurance coverage for your money.

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