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Student Property Insurance

According to the US Department of Education, nearly forty percent of students experience burglary during their time in shared accommodation or on campus. For many students, this may be their first experience of living away from home and their sheer naivety could leave them open as potential targets for property theft. Considering that many students now own a variety of expensive items, such as laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras and MP3 players, taking out student property insurance is a prudent move.

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It is worth taking the time to research the kind of college student insurance you want. Check to see that the student possessions insurance policy that you are interested in offers all the coverage you require and with no hidden charges; these can soon add up and what may at first seem like a good deal could end up being very expensive. You should also check whether the student property insurance covers unforced entry. This is especially important of the student is living somewhere where they are not fully responsible for closing all the doors, such as campus accommodation and some private housing. The policy is also likely to factor in just where the college is located; those in downtown areas are likely to incur higher premiums than colleges in rural areas. can help you get quotes for school student insurance, whilst saving you time and money. We use our database of finance and insurance specialists to match your criteria with the services they offer. They then contact you with information about the student insurance products you are interested in.

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