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Insurance for restaurants and fast food outlets

Whether you have a Chinese restaurant, a fast food restaurant or a pizza delivery business or you have a more extensive menu, running a fast food outlet can be a difficult business; so the last thing you need to be worrying about is making sure you have adequate restaurant insurance. The most obvious type of restaurant liabilty insurance will cover public and private liability, but there are other aspects to consider when choosing the right insurance coverage for your business.

If you operate a fast food or quick serve outlet, then specific insurance to cater for the particular issues that this kind of business can have is essential. Delivery food insurance also has to take into account food which may be prepared elsewhere and then delivered to a third party address. This may have to include insurance while the food is in transit, storage and preparation facilities and other hidden extras.

“ know that restaurant owners often feel vulnerable to litigation from customers who may blame their outlet for instances of food poisoning. Making sure that your insurer can offer you insurance that protects your business, especially when a problem is not down to the individual but to the supplier, is an important addition.”

One aspect that all caterers should think about is the prospect of tainted goods and how they may affect those dining at their restaurants and fast food outlets. When considering your contract it may be a good idea for restaurants to ask for an indemnity clause to be included in supplier contracts and to find a restaurant insurance agent that can add this to your policy. offers a wide range of insurance categories, such as age 50+ life insurance coverage and hotel property insurance coverage.

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