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HO-4 renters/tenants insurance coverage

Although you may be renting a property, your home is susceptible to the same hazards and risks as any other. Many tenants live in the mistaken belief that their landlord’s insurance provides coverage for their personal possessions; in reality, it is only the buildings that are covered. This is why more and more people are taking out renters and tenant’s home insurance (also known as HO-4 insurance). In addition to offering protection against theft of contents, renters/tenants property insurance coverage offers protection against the accidents that could damage the building and its contents.

“If you have an accident in your rented home and the building or furnishings or damaged, you could find yourself faced with a hefty bill as well as your regular rent check. Renters insurance offers you protection against damage, theft and liability in the event that someone is injured in your home.”

There is also the question of rent to consider. In the current financial climate, few jobs are absolutely secure and, without a job, rent can be very difficult to pay. Some tenant’s insurance policies can offer coverage against the loss of your job, so that you don’t have to panic about defaulting on your rent whilst you are looking for other work. can help you find the right renters and tenants insurance policy for your circumstances, offering the best coverage, at an affordable price. We have hundreds of finance and insurance specialists on our database and your details will be sent instantly to a local finance and insurance specialist who can offer you quotes for renters and tenants insurance.

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