Personal Property Insurance

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Insuring your personal possessions, jewellery and valuables

Personal property insurance offers protection against unfortunate and unforeseen events, such as burglary, fire or natural disaster. While it may be unpleasant to consider these situations, getting the right insurance coverage and taking the right precautions can safeguard your financial investment.

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Most of us do not have receipts for all our expensive items, but an inventory will act as the next best thing. Recording details such as serial numbers, manufacturer details and an estimated cost will help in any claims you may have to make. Photographic records are also helpful; you may also want to take pictures of the items in their usual place so that a claim can be substantiated quickly. Most personal property insurance will cover expensive items, such as jewelry, cameras and watches, but you may have additional items that are unique, such as a wedding ring or an engagement ring. In this case, you might want to take out an additional policy, such as diamond ring insurance – especially if the item’s value is in excess of the coverage offered by your personal property insurance policy. can help you find personal property insurance of any sort. Our database of Finance and Insurance Specialists is there for you to tap into. Fill in our online enquiry form and your details will be forwarded immediately to an insurance specialist in your State who will then contact you with a quote and you can then decide which personal property insurance policy offers you the best value for money.

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