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Seniors' Travel Insurance

For many who have reached the age of retirement, the desire is to travel and to enjoy their vacations more than they have done in the past. Unfortunately, aged 60+ travel insurance tends to cost a lot more than travel for those of a younger age, mainly due to the risks involved. Insurance companies view senior travellers as being at greater risk from factors such as ill health, injury and theft than those a few years their junior and this risk is reflected in higher travel insurance premiums.

“Some insurance companies raise the cost of their travel insurance according to age-brackets, such as a sliding-scale for 50+, 55+ and 65+ travelers. In short, the older you are, the more expensive your policy is likely to be; some companies will not insure anyone above the age of 70.”

However, there are now insurance policies designed specifically for the older traveller. Over 60’s travel insurance offers a form of vacation insurance that encompasses all the associated risks of advancing years, including factors such as pre-existing medical conditions. In addition, seniors travel insurance offers protection against other eventualities, such as loss of baggage and personal items, personal liability and flight cancellation. Because the underwriters of these policies are aware of the risks associated with older travelers, many of them now offer insurance at very competitive rates.

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