Multi-Unit Property Insurance

Duplex, Triplex and Multi-Unit Property Insurance Quotes

Property insurance for duplex, triplex and 4plex units

Congrats, you’ve purchased a multi unit property, whether it’s a duplex property, triplex or a 4plex, you want to make absolutely sure your investment is properly insured. If you want solid protection for your interest and your occupants/tenants of your property/building, then a duplex, triplex, and multi unit insurance quote is the first and best step to take.

QuoteRack's insurance specialists will design a duplex, triplex and multi unit insurance quote with all necessary coverage levels, for a single owner, owner with renters/tenants or property sold in individual units.

For single owner property with no renters or occupants, a standard home insurance policy will be sufficient. HO-1 type of policy will cover standard disasters such, fire, lighting, windstorm, hail, damage caused by vehicle, smoke, and theft.

Owner with renters/tenants may need to purchase higher amounts of liability insurance in addition to standard property insurance and encourage renters/tenants to purchased renters insurance.

Owners of duplex, triples and multi unit properties sold as individual units (as opposed to the entire building sold as one unit) are usually consider condominiums, if there’s a homeowners association that covers the building. In this case, duplex, triplex and multi unit insurance is purchased under HO-6 condominiums insurance type policy. If the duplex, triplex and multi unit property has no homeowner’s association policy that covers the building, then each resident owner must purchase individual homeowners insurance policies.

QuoteRack's insurance and finance specialists work with many owners and renters of duplex, triplex and multi unit properties, providing expertise, crucial to gaining the best duplex, triplex and multi unit insurance quote.

Consumers who choose duplex, triplex and multi unit insurance quote also get quotes from other categories of protection available via QuoteRack , including Property Under-Construction Insurance, Key Person Life Insurance, Cash Value Permanent Insurance and Bonus Income Annuity – QuoteRack insurance and finance specialist can help you obtain quotes for each of these categories.