Mobile Home Insurance

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Insurance for a manufactured home

Traditionally, mobile homes have been viewed with some suspicion. It used to be the case that trying to get a mortgage was next to impossible and finding a company to offer you mobile home insurance was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

“When looking for mobile or manufactured home insurance, you want to be sure that the coverage you get includes insurance for your personal possessions, liability insurance and surrounding property and out-buildings. You also want protection against factors such as fire, smoke damage, storm damage, explosions and vandalism. In sort, you want a policy that will cover the costs of rebuilding your manufactured home should anything unforeseen happen to it.”

Now, however, thanks to the HUD program (also known as the Manufactured Housing Program), mortgages for this type of property are issued daily. Inevitably, where the banks have set the trend, insurance companies have followed and mobile home insurance is now far easier to come by. can help you find the right mobile home insurance at the right price. Instead of you searching the Internet for a quote that suits your circumstances, we ask you to fill in our online proposal forms and then we do the work for you. Using our database of finance and insurance specialists, we match up your needs with their services and those that match can then contact you with details of what they have to offer. All you need to do then is decide which mobile home insurance quote offers you the best coverage for your cash.

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