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If you’re a property landlord with one or more rental properties in your property investment portfolio, you will need to consider obtaining quotes for landlords insurance; since you own a rental building designed for one or more families, you’ll need a more comprehensive landlords insurance policy.

QuoteRack's property insurance specialists will prepare landlords insurance quotes with all necessary coverage levels. Remember that landlord insurance is different from a standard homeowner insurance quote.

QuoteRack's insurance experts will help you better comprehend unique, expanded property coverage of a landlord insurance quote, including your: rental building, other private structures like garages or sheds, your personal property such as tools, appliances or furniture that you allow your tenants to use.

QuoteRack's insurance specialists work with many landlords, providing the best landlord insurance coverage, which will protect landlords from lawsuits and loss of rental income.

Consumers who choose a landlord insurance quote also get quotes from other categories of protection available on QuoteRack, including Home Insurance (dwelling and contents), Standard Driver, Second Home Property Insurance and High Net Worth Life Insurance – QuoteRack's insurance and finance specialists can help you obtain quotes for each of these categories.