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Insurance for personal import bikes

If you are considering a personal import motorcycle as a cheap alternative to buying at home, there are a few things you ought to take into consideration first. Firstly, ensure that the cycle you are importing is also imported officially; if not, you might find that the government will refuse to register it – although there are some exceptions with older motorcycles.

New and current models are the ones to be wary of as, once you’ve imported it into the country, franchised dealers will not work on the machine, leaving you to do all repairs and maintenance yourself – with parts in limited supply.

If you’re sure the motorcycle you’re after is free from this legislation, you will also want the best personal import motorcycle insurance you can get. The best may not necessarily be the cheapest, but it could be one that offers the most benefits at an affordable price.

“Finding personal import motorcycle insurance that offers you great coverage at a good price can take some time – but don’t be tempted to take the first quote you get; shopping around can unearth some real bargains.”

Unfortunately, shopping around can take time – unless you use a ‘middle man’. can act as a junction between you and insurance companies, by passing your personal import motorcycle insurance details on to finance and insurance specialists who have products and an import motorcycle insurance quotation to suit your needs.

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