Immediate Income Annuity

Immediate income annuity

Qualified and non-qualified annuities

Immediate income annuity offers security, simplicity, high returns and preferred tax treatment. It can provide life annuity: a stable lifetime income which can never be outlived, or which may be guaranteed for a specific time. Investments do not have to be managed by the policyholder and the preferred tax treatment means that you can postpone the payment of income tax; only the portion attributed to interest is subject to taxes.

An annuity of this sort can either be qualified or non-qualified: a qualified annuity uses money that, until now, has qualified for exemption from IRS income tax. Non-qualified annuities use money on which tax has already been paid.

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There are a few complexities within the process of setting up an immediate income annuity that a dedicated finance and insurance specialist will be able to advise you on. Qualified annuities can be subject to sex-distinct rates when the buyer is a corporation, but individuals are generally offered unisex rates. In some circumstances, the same is true of non-qualified annuities.

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