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How It Works For You QuoteRack USA has been specially designed to provide specialist insurance agents and financial experts in the USA with immediate, quality leads from potential customers who have a genuine need for quotes for non-standard and non-mainstream insurance products. If this is your market and you are looking for low-cost leads, please read on.

Visitors to QuoteRack USA complete a simple, 3-stage Quotation Request process, the details they provide are made available only to those agent who have chosen to receive leads for that particular type of coverage.

A unique offer, which is unlikely to be repeated

In our maiden year QuoteRack USA are offering a unique 'membership style' approach to lead aquisition.

How It Works For You You can receive all the leads that QuoteRack USA generates, in your selected county, for your selected lead type, for a full 12 months for a single one-off fee.

No catch, no hidden charges, you'll be the only agent receiving leads for that county for the specific types of insurance or financial leads that you select.

What's more, you aren't limited to the number of counties you select or the number of different types of lead you want to receive (Auto, Home, Health, Life etc), there's just one fee for each lead type and county you select for a full 12 months.

Join QuoteRack with the confidence that you're getting a great deal

During your 12 months subscription you are likely to receive hundreds if not thousands of leads. However, to provide you some assurance and guarantee that you get great value for money, if during your 12 month subscription you don't receive a minimum of 10 quality leads, your subscription will continue completely free of any further charge until you do.