Home-based Business Insurance

Working at home insurance

Insuring a home-based business

It’s great you decided to start a home based business. QuoteRack's insurance specialists will help you properly protect your business based at home.

For those working from home, QuoteRack 's insurance specialists recognize that home based businesses need the same insurance coverage as any conventional business and we know that your home owner’s insurance policy covers only a limited amount of business needs. For those operating a business from home, it’s likely what you have is worth more than home owners insurance limits.

Your QuoteRack insurance specialist will discuss all your options for a good home based business insurance quote. Here are a few options below:

Equipment - This includes everything you use to operate your business (computers, copiers, printers, telephones, etc.) plus other equipment used to provide products and services

Inventory - This includes the products you sell and, if you do any of the manufacturing, the materials used to make them.

Vehicles - Any vehicle used for business purposes must be insured, even if it's personally owned. If you take possession of your customers' property for any reason, it should be insured while in your custody.

Fidelity bond: If you (or your employees) perform work in customers' homes, a third-party fidelity bond will pay for losses due to fraudulent acts such as theft.

Workers' compensation - If you have employees, you need the appropriate coverage as required by your state.

Liability - Base your liability coverage on your potential risks. Consider whether you need professional liability; errors and omissions coverage; liquor liability (for event planners, caterers, etc.); off-premises liability (for working at another location); or product/completed operations coverage (for your product/work after it's done).

Consumers who choose Home Based Business Insurance also get quotes from other categories of protection available via QuoteRack, including Business Liability Insurance, Return of Premium Life Insurance, and Umbrella Policy Coverage – QuoteRack's insurance experts can help you obtain quotes for each of these categories.