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Millions of Americans don’t have health insurance, with nearly 60% of those employed by small businesses. In relation to company health insurance and to make health care more affordable and accessible for small businesses and their employees, are working hard to provide advice and guidance to those looking for group health plans and small business health insurance schemes that are affordable and guaranteed to grow with your business.

The Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973 required employers with 25 or more employees to offer federally certified HMO options. But for businesses with fewer than 25 employees, a small business health insurance policy or a group health plan is the best way to show your employees that you’re looking after their interests and their health.

“I knew that my workers needed the reassurance of a good company medical plan that covered everything from dental to long term medical care. introduced me to an insurance specialist who was able to guide me through the minefield of medical insurance legislation and to help me implement an active wellness policy that benefited everyone.”

If your business is based in California, our expert team is fully aware of the legislation surrounding AB 1672 insurance. For group medical insurance plans elsewhere our financial and insurance specialists can provide comprehensive information and guidance on group health plans that are affordable and find you a group health insurance scheme quote that won’t break the bank.

“With Quoterack’s help I was able to find a group health plan that worked for both my business and my employees.”

“Healthcare insurance is such a complex area that I advise anyone looking into group medical insurance to make sure they have an expert on board. Quoterack were those experts and with their help, we got the plan we needed.”