Charity and Non-Profit Insurance

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Insurance for charities and non-profit-making organizations

Charity insurance is a very specialized area of insurance. With such a wide variety of charities and 501c3 non-profit organizations, it would be almost impossible to draw up a generic charity insurance policy.

Each charitable organization has its own needs, fulfils different objectives and works for different sectors of the community. However, many of these groups work with members of the public, own buildings and have employees – all of which need to be insured.

“If yours is a non-profit company or a charitable organization, you would be best advised to seek the services of a professional finance and insurance specialist who knows the market and can appreciate the intricacies of the legislation involved.”

Non-profit organization insurance policies range from basic employer and public liability to coverage for buildings and contents, loss of revenue, trustee fidelity, indemnity, media risks, travel and worldwide activities. Some, all or none of these policies may apply to your charity or non profit company; each group is unique and has its own requirements. can put you in touch with finance and insurance specialists who are fluent in the jargon of this type of policy. By enabling us to pass on your details to insurance agents who specialize in charity insurance, we hope we can assist you with at least one aspect of your organization's insurance requirements.

“We wanted to cover our charity against as much as possible, including group travel. The finance and insurance specialists we worked with were extremely helpful and managed to find cover for areas we hadn’t even considered.”

“ helped us find the right insurance professionals for a complicated job.”