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Insurance for the uninsurable

If you have been unable to find an insurance quote for any reason, Challenge QuoteRack may be able to help you. If you are finding that you are difficult to insure for some reason, if your situation has resulted in you receiving an 'insurance refusal' from other online insurance websites, we would like you to Challenge QuoteRack.

The good news is that here at QuoteRack we have access to some of America's top insurance and finance specialists and we know they enjoy a challenge. For a website that sets out to attract non-standard insurance risks, we are rarely beaten by the weird and wacky, the unusual and the unfortunate, the one-offs and the impossible. We cannot guarantee you that we will succeed but if you don't ask us, you'll never know.

So if you have tried to find an insurance quote elsewhere and have failed for whatever reason, please give QuoteRack the opportunity to help you. If you believe you are uninsurable or you have found yourself impossible to insure, then please Challenge QuoteRack.