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Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

For those who travel frequently over the course of a year, annual travel insurance offers peace of mind at affordable prices. You can only prepare so much against illness and injury whilst you are abroad, but taking out some form of annual multi-trip insurance can offer you a financial safeguard in the face of an unfortunate event. However, the coverage offered by annual vacation insurance doesn’t just extend to your personal health; there are other benefits that make this a very prudent option.

"According to American Express, one in four Americans travel without some form of world travel insurance. Not only does this put them at risk from the financial consequences of illness and injury, it also leaves them exposed to the consequences of theft and the liability for incidents such as car crashes."

There are many forms of annual travel insurance available and insurers can tailor the policies to meet your specific needs, such as backpacking or for those competing in extreme sports. It pays to remember that that travel is not restricted to the occasional vacation; many people travel for work purposes. In this case, many providers offer some type of business travel insurance that offers protection specific to the business traveler.

If you need to travel abroad for any reason, then you need some form of world travel insurance. can help you find the best policy to protect you overseas – and at the price that is best for you. Submit your requirements through our online proposal form and your details will be sent instantly to finance and insurance specialists who offer the annual travel insurance coverage you require.

For business travel or visits to your holiday home, annual travel cover will frequently work out much cheaper than taking out travel cover each time you go.

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